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Apply to write Chicago Walking Tours

Share Your Chicago Story

As part of the Chicago Walk Tour platform, we’re calling on local writers and creative souls who have a profound connection to Chicago and a passion for storytelling. This is your opportunity to craft self-guided tours that showcase the neighborhoods you hold dear, in ways only you can.

A New Perspective at Every Turn

Whether your narrative unfolds under the morning sun or the evening stars, each moment of the day offers a distinct backdrop for your tales. And remember, the journey isn’t limited to the paths walked; we welcome tours that incorporate any mode of transportation, from bicycles to scooters, cars, and beyond.

Your Voice, Our Community

Embrace this chance to portray the vibrant tapestry of Chicago’s neighborhoods through your unique lens. Our community thrives on diverse perspectives, inviting you to highlight lesser-known routes and share the hidden gems of our city. By contributing your voice, you’ll not only enrich our collection of tours but also offer both locals and visitors an intimate glimpse into the heart of Chicago. Join us in celebrating the rich, multifaceted narrative of our beloved city—one tour, one story at a time.